Welcome to the healing world of Yoga, where you can feel your stress and problems melt away. With yoga exercises, you gain so much energy that feeds your body, mind and soul. Through your practice you should be focusing on every single movement, and every single breath you take. This is how the connections between body, mind, and soul are created. With that said, when you’re feeling an ache, pain or any type of ailment, when focused on the solution to your problem, it can be solved. We believe that Yoga is the best holistic approach to healing aches and pains, as well as feeling more energetic. Here are some poses for those aches and pains we all tend to feel sometimes.

  • Headaches – When it comes to yoga and headaches, the two biggest elements to focus on are breathing, and posture. Keeping a strong posture through your neck and head will help. For breathing, we will use nadi shodhana, which means alternate nostril breathing, to help relieve your headache.
  • Back Pain – For relieving back pain it’s important that you work slowly through your practice. Again, your breathing is going to play an integral part in your healing, so it’s important that you relax your shoulders and strengthen your core. Pull your legs into your chest as you lie on your back. This will aid in massaging your sacrum.


These are just a couple of the the frequent aches and pains we tend to feel. Because Yoga is so focused on mind fullness, your body has the chance to identify and get in touch with where the problem lies. With your poses and breathing, your mind fullness connects to your body, giving you a body and mind connection, as well as helps to relieve your pain. Begin to practice Yoga today, at your Top Rated Local® Yoga Studio.