There’s no doubt at all that serving in a combat environment presents huge challenges. They’re challenges that we train heavily for, but sometimes they can be beyond our ability to understand. When we’re given a mission, we complete it to the best of our ability. When we’re in theater, we do what we need to do. But when we return home, after the “Welcome Back” parties and after the parades, that’s usually when those challenges come up.

These can be conditions like depression, insomnia, flashbacks, excessive anger, feelings of isolation and suicidal thoughts. When we’re at war, we’re trained to be tough, brave and sometimes emotionless, But once we get home, that mindset doesn’t work. Sometimes, in an effort to deal with the situation, we might turn to drugs, alcohol or violence. In the short term, it can feel like a good response, but deep down we know it’s only making things work.

At Warrior’s Soul Healing Movement, we’ve experienced what you might be dealing with. We offer yoga, meditation holistic methods and other services. Every service we offer is healing in nature, and they’re all designed to help you get in control of your wellness. While we’re at war, it’s necessary to operate in a state of heightened awareness in order to respond to constant threats. Once we come home, it’s important to learn how to downshift and bring that awareness back into balance. Through yoga and meditation, you’ll learn how to reconnect to that calm and peaceful state of mind.

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