The first principle of meditation is to be able to focus your attention, with the aim to free consciousness, by switching off the busy ‘mind chatter’.  Meditation is achieved by focusing either on an object external to the body, or even a function of the body itself, such as breathing or your heartbeat.  Maintaining a single thought or idea may also be conducive to meditation.through meditation, a state of self-awareness, balance, and increased ability to focus can provide benefits of better health, direction, and purpose. Meditation can be the single most powerful tool in intuitive-spiritual development

Meditation helps to relax the mind and body and lowers conscious and unconscious stress. There are several ways in which meditation can be useful.  For some, it may be to find peace and relaxation, while for others it may be to access their personal spirituality.  Meditation is a key which can open the door to balance life both systemically and holistically, and there are many techniques that can be used– even those who have trouble quieting the mind and finding stillness.